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The Glam Precinct Inc™ Lash Kit Clear


The Glam Precinct™  Lash Kit 

Approximately 5x9 inch cream faux snake skin box with mirror.

Kit contains: Lash Applicator, Tweezer, Small Scissor, Lash Adhesive and 1 pair of Faux Mink Lashes.

The Glam Precinct Inc™ Lash Kit Clear

Adhesive: Clear
  • The Glam Preinct Inc.™ Lash Kit:

    • One small mirror.
    • One gold and cream small lash box with faux mink lashes.
    • One gold small scissor for trimming lash band.
    • One gold slanted tweezer for lash and post glue removal.
    • One gold lash applicator for lash application. 
    • One lash adhesive for affixing lashes.

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